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Sunflowers Full Day 3,4,5's

Our Sunflowers class is designed for children who are 3,4,or 5 in September. It starts at 9:00 AM and runs through12:30 PM. Parents can choose between a M-F, M-W-F, or T/TH schedule. 

The ratio is 8:1 with16 children and 2 teachers in the room


An AM and PM snack are provided, lunch must be brought from home. 

Teachers: Kisha Reid & Kyra Wiley 

Blooms Tuition: 

5days/week $1083

3days/week $650


Philosophy & Beliefs 

We believe that some of the most important foundational skills a Sunflower room kid can have are intrinsic motivation, curiosity, critical thinking, perseverance, and problem-solving. We have designed a dynamic environment to allow each child to strengthen those core skills while also gaining experience in more traditional academic skills such as counting, reading, and writing all through authentic play. The goal is to cultivate a love for learning and a culture of thinking together. Our longer day offers great swaths of uninterrupted playtime to delve deeper into play scenarios, slow down the pace during our day and really engage in relationship building and connection making.  

Music, movement, language, literacy, art, science, mathematics, dramatic play, self-help skills, and MORE are explored daily in our child-centered play-based environment.  

What To Bring To School 

  • A lunch  (we cool and heat lunches) *DELC provides milk for meals 

  • 2 full sets of clothes 

  • Health Inventory Forms 

  • A fitted crib sheet  *Naps are optional 

  • A small blanket

  • A small pillow 

  • Water Bottle

  • Family photo 

  • Appropriate weather gear for outdoor play 

Other Reminders 

  • Dress for the weather, we go outside daily (send shoes daily) 

  • Label ALL of your child’s items, including individual food containers, shoes, underwear, etc. 

  • Sign your child in and out each day  

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