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Culture of Thinking

A Place for Childhood 

Young Children don't belong in institutional-like settings, instead, they thrive in dynamic comfortable soft home-like settings. With this knowledge, we have created an environment that marries a nature center, children's museum, and family home to create an optimal learning environment for young children.

Our Homerooms

Our indoor environments are home-like spaces with many cozy places to be alone, in small groups or together as an entire classroom community.  We believe that offering authentic home-like environments full of rich open-ended materials will promote creative play, social-emotional development, critical thinking skills, and academic understanding.


Our homerooms are designed to promote optimal joy and learning and include science/nature, writing/language/literacy, math, blocks/construction, a huge book collection, imaginative play space, and an accessible art space with plenty of age-appropriate materials to explore.


Our homerooms are free for child-led discovery and designed to be touched and explored.

Children are placed in rooms based on their age on September first. 

Year-round 9:00-3:30 

Seedlings Room

Two years by September first, 2023 

Buds Room

Three years by September first, 2023


Sprouts Room

Four years old by September first, 2023

Bloom Room   

 Four years old by September first, 2023 


Roots Room- Parent Participation Program   

Two years old by September first, 2023


Roots (Raising Our Offspring Together Simply) Is a parent participation program that allows parents to directly take part in their child's early education experience.

Parents are directly involved in their child's early education by working in your child's classroom one week each month. The partnership between the teacher, child, and the parent makes for a true community of learners.

Skilled and experienced teachers support parents as we work together to create, maintain, and develop a place for childhood.

Click Here for Roots Parent Handbook for more information

Our Beliefs

We believe that children learn by being active participants in all aspects of their schooling. We believe that engaging hands-on approaches foster a sense of excitement and eagerness to learn and grow. We know that children are more than neck up and design our program to support the development of the whole child. Rich home-like settings provide the comfort and connectedness that nurtures and sets the child up for DEEP meaningful learning. Our Mixed-age setting most resembles how children learn from an evolutionary standpoint and sets the stage for a collaborative community of learners.

Our school is " A Place For Childhood"


A Place For Childhood Says:

  • Come in, you are welcome here.


  • Touch me.


  • You are safe here.


  • Your needs will be met here.


  • You can be yourself here.


  • Mistakes are ok here.


  • Your ideas are important here.


  • You are accepted and respected as you are here.

***All photos used on this site are authentic Discovery photos and taken by Discovery Staff. No stock photos are used.*** 

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