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ROOTS(Raising Our Offspring Together Simply)  

2 years old by September 1st 

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate program where teachers and parents work alongside each other to provide and maintain a child and family-centered program. We hope to develop and nurture a true community of learners through active, play-based experiences. This community of learners, through shared responsibility, work together to create a place that fosters creativity, imagination, self-actualization, and a deep love of learning.  


Our Beliefs

We believe that children are whole beings and deserve respect. We understand the importance of relationships and value the home-school connection. We believe that joy, happiness, connectedness, and community all play an important role in the development of whole happy humans. Through a creative collaborative environment, we believe that social-emotional, cognitive, and physical, needs can be met. 

We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each family within the context of the Discovery Philosophy. 



What is the Discovery ROOTS Program?

The Discovery Roots Program is a parent participation program for families with parents who are interested and able to take a more active hands-on role in their child's out-of-home early childhood experience. Parents rotate onsite days to assist teachers.  We value parents as the child's first teachers and value the opportunity to collaborate in a community with the shared goal of creating and maintaining a place for childhood.

Why Roots? 

This parent participation model offers the best of both worlds! High-quality early education, a break for parents, AND the opportunity to spend time with your children and peers in a rich age-appropriate setting. Only second the wonderful care your child will receive is the sense of community, parental education and support, and purpose you will have through your time in the roots program. It has been said that "Discovery is not just a preschool, it's an experience" I am excited for you to come to experience it alongside your child and in collaboration with other like-minded families. 

What is the philosophy of the ROOTS program?

ROOTS- Raising our offspring together simply pretty much sums it up. Together we will provide a play-rich environment where parents and children learn together as a community.

Our philosophy is constructivist and play-based and is rooted in the fact that children AND adults learn through active hands-on experiences. We are guided by both old and new research and believe that play is the best form of early childhood education.

" If it hasn't been in the hands... 

and the body...

It can't be in the brain." 

-Bev Bos 

What is the adult's role?

Parents/caregivers are an intricate part of the ROOTS program. All families send one parent into the classroom to work and learn alongside the children and teachers. With gentle guidance and education, parents collaborate on providing a rich developmentally appropriate program for their children.


Come ready to laugh, cry, learn, and grow together! Dress for the mess and come ready to be fully mentally and physically engaged in the magic that is childhood!

How often do I have to attend ROOTS?

Each family is obligated to participate in class one week each month during their child's scheduled days. Arrive thirty minutes prior to the start of class to set up and 30 minutes after for clean up.

What other commitments do I need to agree to?

Participation in four meetings per year:

August: Orientation

October: Curriculum & Culture

November: General Meeting/Training

March: General Meeting/Training  

Membership in one of the following committees:

  • Community Outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Environment & Equipment maintenance

  • Events & Celebrations

  • Materials

  • Welcome

* Additional committees may be created based on specific parent skillset or interest

How old does my child have to be to join?

Children must be At least 2 by Sept 1st 

What are the schedule options:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9:00-12:00

Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-12:00

Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00

When does the Roots Program start and end?

August 30th and runs through May 

How much does it cost?

MWF= 320 per month   T/TH=220 per month   M-F= 540 per month

Do I have to have previous experience to help " Teach"?


A key component of the Discovery Roots program is parent education and active onsite learning. Your role is that of an observer, environmentalist, storyteller, nose wiper, behavior modeler, loving caring member of the community, and first and foremost parent to your child.

What is your policy for safety and supervision?

All classroom parents/grandparents are required to be fingerprinted for state and federal background checks.

A teacher will be with groups both inside and outside.

How many children and families are in the class?

Each class has 12 spots. Each week there will be two teachers and two parents.

How do I apply?

Complete an interest form 



Applications are considered on a first come first serve basis.

CLICK HERE to Fill out an interest form- This puts you on a list by date and lets us know your application is on the way. 

May Tuition is due upfront at the time of registration and serves as a non-refundable deposit.

feel free to call with additional questions or just to talk! 240-385-5480


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