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Discover Our World Approach 

Our Discover Our World Approach TM is a unique way of being with and learning along-side children that focuses on relationships, individualized care, meeting the children where they are, and supporting their process of learning.

We provide children with the time, space, and permission to unfold naturally through rich, real-life, hands-on active learning experiences. The focus is to support the development of well-rounded lifelong learners who are self-starters and critical thinkers. We use hands-on discovery, active learning, and the child’s innate sense of curiosity to propel deep meaningful learning. 


Our relationship-based methods allow children to dive deep into topics using authentic experiences, local resources, and technology to gain a full immersive understanding of the topic. 


We strive to develop stewards of the Earth through our Nature Education program and believe that children who spend time in nature learning to care for Earth will develop into adults who are eco-conscious, and more physically and mentally healthy.

Authentic learning happens through hands-on active learning experiences


***All photos used on this site are authentic Discovery photos and taken by Discovery Staff. No stock photos are used.*** 

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