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Joy, Freedom, Expression 


At Discovery we support whole and natural child development. We believe that allowing a child to learn to listen to their own body is a huge part of instilling self-assessment and self-care practices that leads to overall good mental health. Here are the ways that we intentionally provide a place for childhood. 


Bodily Autonomy 


  • Children are permitted to eat/drink when they are hungry. 


  • Rest time is not forced or required, but allowed and provided to those who express or display a need. 


  • Toilet learning is not explicitly taught, but fully support at the lead of the child. It is treated just as any other developmental milestone.* no rewards, bribery, or force is used as we support a child with this interest. 


  •  The curriculum is the child and the vessel for learning is through play. Children are free to choose how they spend their time here at Discovery. 


Emotional Autonomy 


We understand, support and celebrate that children express a wide range of emotions. We have created a culture of acceptance and work to support children as they develop the ability to express themselves in many ways.


We are OK with all feelings and emotions Sad feelings are not seen as negative and are not tickled away, or suppressed.


Happiness is not artificially imposed through rewards, treats, or other extrinsic measures. We, instead acknowledge all feelings as appropriate and healthy and help children develop the tools to properly express themselves using a verity of methods.


  Art, dance, connection/relationship, language, acting, puppetry are all some tools we use to help a child understand and express their feelings and those of others. 


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